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Cataloguing Seciton

Cataloguing Seciton



Who we are – Cataloguing section is a unit in the Technical Services Division. It is a department that is involved in cataloguing and classification of library books and making sure that books on the same and related subjects areas are kept and maintained together on the shelf. This is accomplished through a number of tasks which may include:

Members of Staff of Cataloguing section are:

  1. Brendan E. Asogwa – Principal Librarian
  2. Roseline Ngozi Okwor – Senior Librarian
  3. Josephine Igbokwe – Senior Librarian
  4. Anthonia N. Idoko (Ph.D.) – Librarian I
  5. Michael C. Nwafor – Assistant Librarian
  6. Adizetu Aneru Ali –Assistant Librarian
  7. Beatrice O. Ewa –Principal Library Officer
  8. Cynthia O. Adindu – Higher Library Officer
  9. Chinwe Nwokenna – Higher Library Officer
  10. Cletus O. Ezugwu – Library Office
  11. Charity Ibong – Senior Data Entry Operator/Clerical Officer
  12. Nnamdi Chibunze – Senior Library Assistant


What We Do

  • General administration of Cataloguing
  • Receiving of new books from Acquisitions section and keeping statistics
  • Cataloguing and classification –(descriptive, subject, and online)
  • Vetting of catalogued books
  • Typing/Printing
  • Spine labeling
  • Keeping Statistics
  • Distribution of cataloged books
  • Filing and maintenance of catalogue and shelf list cards, and
  • Others assignments