World Book Day in University of Nigeria Library


The World Book Day was marked today, 2nd March 2017 in University of Nigeria by the University Library, popularly called ‘Nnamdi Aziwe Library’. The library currently functions under the leadership of Professor Chinwe N. Ezeani – the first female University Librarian of the University. In commemorating the World Book Day, the library organised a display area for students and other readers. Current books and reference materials of varied subjects were selected for display.

The event was announced on the library Website,  BlogFacebook and Twitter Pages.  It was amazing to see readers flood the display area to view the materials on display. Provision was made for the readers to request for their materials of interest on a register and also leave their feedbacks or comments. Many of the readers gave positive feedbacks concerning the event which will be shared on our blog soon.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Library celebrates World Book Day!

World Book Day

The World Book Day was marked by the library on 2nd March, 2017. The Library staff attended to students who visited the display area.  A lot of book requests were made and feedbacks given by these students. It was amazing, the number of book requests that were made. This enlightened the librarians on the need to occassionally display current books while attending to students’ requests real time.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Library Marks World Book Day!


Today, 2nd March, 2017 is World Book Day and the library wishes to inform her readers, that there will be a display of current and interesting books to mark this day. Venue is at the OPAC Area. Come and have request for books and read more books and also come with queries to be answered on the spot. A lot more will follow, thanks and welcome!

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