Bindery Section
Bindery Section

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Bindery Section of the Technical Division of the Library Department should be to place the Bindery Section and its activities in the forefront of the Library Research and Development, innovation, knowledge, transfer and human resources development in the technical field/knowledge of the library to the core values in promoting the dignity of binding profession.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement of the Bindery Section of Library Department is to create a functional, productive and model-focused section of the library as a centre of learning and research. To make it responsive to the needs of both the members of staff, the department, the university and the society as a whole while delivering the assigned technical and administrative responsibilities.

The services of the Bindery Section include

  1. General Book Binding for the library Department, other departments, offices of the University, Institutes and individuals of the University Community and beyond.
  2. Cutting of catalogue cards, for both the library and its clients’ use.
  3. Training of students of Library and Information Sciences on industrial Training (IT) under the SIWES programme to update their practical knowledge in the area of book- binding and preservation.
  4. Lamination of paper and documents like certificates, identity cards etc for the individual within the University Community and beyond.
  5. Daily shelving of books in the library department.
  6. Other essential and emergency services as may be assigned to the section. Like the binding of accreditation papers and other services.