Vision Statement

To develop an ICT-compliant staff, able to provide proactive information service delivery suitable to support the library’s vision of developing an ICT driven academic and research library system

Mission Statement

  • To project and uphold good public relations towards our patrons,
  • To provide ICT-driven library and information services to patrons.
  • To be pacesetters in library and information service delivery in our library and other libraries.
  • To apply best attitude to work for promotion of good work ethics and standards in library and information services.
  • To project a good image of the library.
  • To provide consultancy services to patrons, departments and faculties.
  • To promote partnership within and outside the library system.
  • To provide information services that are user-centred, user-friendly and instrumental to the advancement of teaching, learning, research and scholarship.
  • To provide an appealing physical environment for the users, especially; the information commons.
  • To promote variability excellence and progressive development in discovering new ways of improving on our present standards.
  1. Core values

The Division’s core values hinges upon the overall core values of the university. Some of these are:

  • Punctuality, lateness to work is not acceptable in this Division.
  • Regularity, we appreciate staff who are always at their duty post.
  • Social Responsibility, we serve the community where our library is domiciled, through creating literacy programmes.
  • Good public relations: we maintain good public relations
  • Teamwork: We treasure teamwork in order to provide efficient services to our customers with diverse needs.
  • Adaptable to change. We value open and honest communication at all levels.
  • Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency: Our services and resource are provided with a sense of honesty, truthfulness, fairness and justice.

Who we are:

Public Services Division is the library’s image maker, the hub on which all library services revolve, which main duty is to enhance access to information in both print and non-print media. The Division is made up of the Circulation Section and the Reference Section.

What we Do

  1. Reference Section:
  2. We provide assistance or instruction in the use of basic reference sources.
  3. We provide online and email search services.
  4. We assist our patrons in identifying library materials needed to answer a question.
  5. We provide brief and factual answers to questions that can be quickly located.
  6. We also make referrals to institutions which have materials this library lacks.
  7. We keep statistics of usage of reference materials.
  8. We render information literacy programmes for our users.
  9. Circulation Section:

The Section is concerned with:

  1. The registration of library users;
  2. Lending materials to library users;
  3. Checking in materials returned;
  4. Monitoring materials for damage and recommending them for repair or replacement where necessary;
  5. Clearance of graduates and retired or severed staff;
  6. The keeping of statistical records for specific library services done in the section.
  7. And the maintenance of library shelves.