Welcome to Acquisitions Section. This is a section of the Collection Development Division headed by Dr. E. D. Chigbu.

Mission and Vision Statement of the Collection Development Division

Vision: Our vision is to assist the University, through the provision of quality resources, to enable it to attain a functional, global competitive and research focused University that will provide a world class educational knowledge to members of the society as envisioned.

Mission: The mission of the Collection Development Division is to acquire all types of resource materials that are necessary for teaching, learning and research in the University of Nigeria Nsukka. These include print and electronic: Books, Journals, Monographs, Reports, Magazines, Theses and Dissertations, Pamphlets, Digitized resources, Audio and Visual Recordings, CD Rom, DVD etc useful for academic excellence.

The Division liaises with the Departments and faculties to ascertain their needs. It sources funds from the University Bursary to procure needed stock. It appeals to Donor Agencies, Publishers, Foreign Embassies and friends of the University for Solicited Gifts and Donations. The Division engages in exchange of publications with, local and foreign partners. Resources thus acquired are added to the existing Library stock to rejuvenate her holdings in all fields of study. These will assist the University in promoting her core values.