Dr. Mrs N. Okafor’s CV





ADDRESS:         Newspaper/Magazine Section

Nnamdi Azikiwe Librarian

University of Nigeria


e-mail:               Victoria.okafor@unn.edu.ng

Biography: Dr(Mrs) V.N Okafor is a Principal Librarian in Nnamdi Azikiwe Library University of Nigeria Nsukka. She holds a M.Ed (Measurement and Evaluation) University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (1995). MLS (Masters in Library and Information Science University of Nigeria,(2000), Ph.D in Library and Information University of                                                                Nigeria, Nsukka. (2008). She has published journal articles in reputable Library and information science Journals locally and internationally. She is presently contributing to library education by teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels and also an approved supervisor of Masters programmes of the Department of library and Information science. She also teaches Use of Library and study Skill (GSP 111). I have worked in different sections of the Library, Africana, Government Documents, Circulation, and Cataloguing section as a Cataloguer. Was head of Africana section (2005-2006), head of Government documents (2008-2009) and at present the head of Newspaper/magazine section of Nnamdi Azikiwe Library. She is a member of Postgraduate Committee Library and Information Science. She is results-driven, proactive and resilient. Her hobbies are reading, writing, helping in supervising students’ project and taking care of children.

Areas of Interest: Bibliometric studies, Scholarly Publishing and Information, Open Access studies, information seeking and User studies in Library and Information Science.


Taught Courses: a) GSP 111 (Use of library) 2008-date

  1.            b) LIS 361 (Research Method) 2011-date. Both regular and sandwich


  1. c) LIS 550 (Research Method) 2011-date
  2. d) LIS 0513 (Introduction to Technical Services) 2011-date

Other Scholarly Activity/ List of Students/Titles Supervised

a). Emmanuel, H. (2011). Information needs and information seeking behavior of rural

farmers in Okpokwu local Government of Benue State of Nigeria. MLS project

b). Umoren, E. E. (2012). Acquisition and utilization of library oriented software packages in academic libraries in Akwa-Ibom and Cross River States. MLS project.

C). Nnadi, C. U. (2012).Attitude of undergraduate students towards the academic use of Electronic Information Resources in two Federal Universities in Enugu and Anambra States. MLS project.

d). Onah, E. E. (2012). Utilization of reference resources among postgraduate students of of federal university libraries in South East Nigeria. MLS project.

e). Okonkwo, R. N. (2013). Assessment of information and communication technology competencies of librarians in colleges of education in South East Nigeria. MLS protect.

f). Attama, C. C. (2014). Information needs and ICT Utilization Competencies of Nurses in Hospitals in Enugu State.

Also Supervise PGDLS and Undergraduate students’ projects


Membership of professional Bodies

a). Member Nigerian Library Association (NLA).

b). Member of Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN).


Current Research and Publications

Journal Articles

  1. !.Ojedokun, A. A. and Okafor, V. N, (2015). ICT skills acquisition and competencies of librarians: Implications for digital and electronic environment in Nigerian universitieslibraries. The Electronic Library. 33(3), 502-523. emeraldinsight.com/0264-0473.htm


  1. Okafor, V. N. (2014). Information services in Nigerian University libraries: current means of library services as a way out. Journal of Applied Information Science and Technology. 7(2) 81-89.
  2. Ukwoma, S. C.; Obaseki, T. I.; Okafor, V. N. and Onyam, I. D. (2014). Social Media tool for enhancing information literacy in the educational system: The librarians’ View. Journal of Reading Association of Nigerian, 15(1), Accepted for Publication.
  3. Okafor, V. N.; Nwachukwu, V. N.; Eskay, M. and Ogwo, U. (2014). Publishing in Open Access Journals: a study of Nigerian Librarians and Special Educators. Global Journal of Research Analysis, 3(3), 56-60.
  4. Annune, A. E.; Ezeani, C. N. and Okafor. V. N. (2014). Information sources

dissemination and utilization patterns of Artisanal fishery sector in Benue State, Nigeria. Advances in Research, 2(12), 889-905. www.sciencedomain.org

  1. Ekwelem V.; Okafor, V. N. and Ukwoma, S. C. (2013).Use of Social Networking Sites by Academics and Research Libraries: An exploratory Study. International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences, 6, 417-432.
  1. Okafor V. N. and Udeh I. (2012). Enhancing Access to Information for Rural Farmers in Nigeria: A Means of Achieving Vision 2020. PNLA Quarterly, 76(3)


  1. Ekwelem, V.; Okafor, V. N. and Ukwoma, S. C. (2011). Preservation of Cultural Heritage: The strategic role of the library and information science professionals in the south East Nigeria, Library Philosophy and Practice. http://unllib.unl.edu/LPP/okafor2.htm.
  2. Echezona, R. I., Okafor, V. N. and Ukwoma, S. C. (2011). Information sources used by postgraduate students in library and information science: A citation analysis of dissertations. Library Philosophy and Practice. http://unllib.unl.edu/LPP/okafor2.htm


  1. Okafor, V. N. (2011). Access to information for research through the internet in Cybercafé: The Challenge to academic libraries. Library Philosophy and Practice, at   http://unllib.unl.edu/LPP/okafor2.htm
  2. Okafor, V. N. and Ukwoma, S. C. (2011). Scholarly communication of academics in Science   and engineering in Nigerian University libraries. International Journal of Library and Information Science, 3(3), 58-67. http://www.academicjournals.org/ijlis.
  3. 14. Okafor, V. N. (2011) Comparative Analysis of Research Output of Federal Universitiesin Southern Nigeria, Library Philosophy Practices,




©         Conferences Papers (Referred and Published)


  1. Nwegbu, M. U., Echezona, R. I. and Okafor, V. N. (2012). Strategies for enhancing the functionality of public libraries in rural areas of Anambra State, Nigeria. A proceeding of 50th National Conference and Annual General Meeting on Nigerian Library Association at 50: Promoting Library and Information Science profession for national development and Transformation held at Abuja, Nigeria, 15th-19th July, 2012.


  1. Okafor, V. N.; Ugwu, F. N. and Onyam, I. D. (2013). The use of open access journals for scholarly information: a study of Nigerian Librarians. A proceeding of the 13th Annual Conference/Annual General Meeting of Nigerian Library Association, Enugu State Chapter


Research Activities:

  • Member Editorial Board Nigeria Librarian Association, Enugu State.      
  • Member of programme and Reviewing Committee 13th ISSI Conference held in Durban, South Africa, July 4-8 2011.
  • Member of programme and Scientific Committee 2012 Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (STI 2012). Montréal, Canada.

Some of Recent MLS project going on.

a). Information sourcing and Utilization of library resources by students in colleges of education in Delta State.

b).Availability and use of library statistics in university libraries in North Central Geo-Political Zone, Nigeria.

c). Preservation practices of information resources in university libraries in North Central Nigeria.

Selected Previous Publication

Chapters in Books

  1. Omekwu, C. O. and Okafor, V. N. (2009). How to cite sources consulted in the research process. In Omekwu, C. O., Okoye, M. O. and Ezeani, C. N. (eds) Introduction to the use of the Library and Study Skill. The Library Department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka: Awemark Publishers.


  1. Okafor, V.N. and Ukwoma, S. C. (2010). Access and retrieval of information in developing countries. In Madu E. C. and Ezeani C. N. (eds), Modern Library and Information Science for Professional in Africa. Ibadan: Textlinks Publications.


(b)       Journal Articles

  1. Edoka, B. E. and Okafor, V. N. (2002). Assessing the library collection of the

University Of Nigeria, Nsukka library. African Journal of Library, Archives and

     Information Science. 12(2), 223-237. (Impact Factor : 0.129)

2.Okafor, V. N. and Ukwoma, S. C. (2007). Availability and use of information

resources by academics in Southern Nigeria universities, The Information Technologist, 4(2), 175-187.

3.Ekwelem, V. O., Okafor, V. N. and Ukwoma, S. C. (2009). Students’ use of

electronic information sources at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science, 19(1), 89-97. (Impact Factor : 0.129)

4.Ezema, I. J. and Okafor, V. N. (2009). Acquisition and use of government publications in Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The. Information Technologist, 6(2), 107-113.

5.Okafor, V. N. and Dike, V. W. (2010). Research output of academics in the science and engineering faculties of federal universities in southern Nigeria. African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science, 20(1), 41-51. (Impact Factor : 0.129).

6.Okafor, V. N. (2010). Utilization of Circulation Statistics in Collection Development as a way out in Economic Crisis in Developing Countries. Tin-City Journal of library, Archives and Information Science.Vol 2, 1-7.

  1. Okafor, V. N.; Ejikeme, A. and Igbokwe, J. C. (2010). Preservation of tourism sites and cultural heritage in Enugu state: the role of the library. Library and Information Practitioner, 3(2). 215-225.
  2. Okafor V. N. (2010). Analysis of research output of academics in science and engineering in Southern Nigerian universities: an imperative study. South Africana Journal of Library & Information Science, 76(2). 181- 189.

9.Ugwu, C. I.; Okafor, V. N. and Njoku, E. O. (2010). University Lecturers’ Preferences for the Library Liaison Activities: The case of the Physical Science Faculty of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The Information Technologist, 7(2), 73-83.

10.Okafor, V. N. and Dike, V. W. (2010). Exploring barriers to research productivity of academics in science and engineering faculties in Nigerian Universities. Infotrends: An    International Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 1(1), 72-80.