Phoebe Chika Madumere (MLS)

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Phoebe C. Madumere (MLS) [Librarian II]

Phoebe C. Madumere (MLS) [Librarian II]

Chika Phoebe Madumere works with Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka as Librarian. She is also a member of Nigerian Library Association (NLA) and Librarian’s Registration Council of Nigeria (in view). Her academic qualifications are: Bachelor of Arts in Education B.A/ED (ENGL) and Degree of Master of Library and Information Science (MLS). She is currently doing her Ph.D programme in Library and Information Science and has a passionate interest in Librarianship. She has a strong work ethics and high moral principles and also works assiduously in order to achieve the objectives of the institution.

Areas of Interest/Summary of Expertise

  • Archival sciences in librarianship.
  • Preservation and conservation of information materials.
  • Indexing and abstracting services.

Course Taught/Coordinated:

GSP 111: The Use of Library and Study Skills.

Other Scholarly Activities

  • Submitting of contents on Dspace institutional repository.
  • Editing Koha entries on Koha library management software.
  • Issuing library clearance to all categories of postgraduate students and staff.
  • Replacing lost library cards for postgraduate and staff  library users.
  • Supervision of stacks in Social Sciences and shelf reading.
  • Supervision of junior staff.
  • Professional training of IT students.

Membership of Professional Bodies:

  • Nigerian Library Association
  • Librarian’s Registration Council of Nigeria (in view).