Research Publications: Uche Igbo

Current research and publications:

• Igbo, H.U, Imo, N.T & Asadu B.U. (2015). Information-related entrepreneurial activities of public libraries in southeast states of Nigeria. Journal of Home Economics Research 22(1), 151-162.
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• Igbo, H.U. & Imo, N.T. (2013). Students’ awareness and use of electronic information resources in University Libraries: case study of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences (IJRASS) 6, 381 – 393.
• Imo, N. T; Ugwuanyi, C. F. & Igbo, H. U. (2011). Bibliographic control of endogenous knowledge: capacity for consortium formation in South–East Nigerian university libraries. Nigerian Library Link. 9 (1&2), 42 – 54
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• Imo. N.T. & Igbo, H.U. (2011). The challenges of software use in Nigerian university libraries: Review of experiences from 1990 – 2009. Library Philosophy and Practice September, available at
• Imo, N.T. & Igbo H.U. (2011). Providing access to knowledge in Africa: The need for capacity building in classification Indexing and abstracting skills. Library philosophy & Practice July, available at
• Okoye, M.O. Imo N.T. & Igbo, H.U. (2011). Services for conflict resolution: The role of Nigerian academic libraries. Library Philosophy & Practice, January, available at
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• Imo, N.T. & Igbo H.U. (2010). Deployment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in University Libraries for effective services: Issues and Hindrances. Journal of the National Association for science, Humanities and Education Research (NASHER) 8 ( 3), 45 – 50.
• Imo, N.T, Igbo, H.U. & Asiegbu, F. N. (2010). Availability and utilization of library and information services in adult literacy programmes in Nsukka Local Government Area. Nigeria Library Link. 8(2), 9-21.
• Omekwu, C.O. & Igbo, H.U. (2010). The Book chain and national development: Issues and imperatives. Journal of Applied Information Science and Technology. 4(1), 56 – 64.
Research activities:
• Influence of technological and human variables on undergraduates’ access to information in digital libraries of the federal universities in the three southern geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
• Electronic information resource sharing in Nigeria University libraries.
• Institutional policies and management of institutional repositories in Nigerian Universities.
Selected previous research:
• Igbo, H. U. & Imo, N. T. (2008). Assessing the information literacy skills of the undergraduate library users of the Nigerian universities. Journal of Applied Science and Technology 1(1),61 – 69.
• Imo, N.T. & Igbo, H.U. (2008). Bridging the digital divide: Building capacity for database creation in Nigerian university libraries. Journal of Applied Science and Technology 1 (1), 86 – 94.
• Imo, N. T. and Igbo, H.U. (2007) Knowledge Delivery, is the Librarian still relevant? In Eya,P.E; Nwangwu, E.O. & Asogwa G.E. (eds). Constructing knowledge Societies for sustainable development. Enugu: Prince Digital Press, 2008 ( pp. 92 – 107)
• Igbo, H.U. and Dike, C. (2006) “Sources of fund and Budgeting procedures in academic libraries: the Nigerian Experience” Administration of Academic Libraries: a book of Readings. F.C. Ekere (ed). Nsukka: UCO – Academic Publishers.